Remove shortcut virus using command prompt

Sometimes when the people tryy to copy the files into pc, the files are change into shortcut virus so here is the solution by just typing this command in your command prompt.

Step:1 Open command prompt by typing cmd on start.

Step:2 Choose the path. For example: if you have a virus on z drive then you have to type z: and then hit enter.

Step:3 Now you are in the path where the shortcut virus are in. Now type del *lnk and hit enter. It helps you to delete all the link files in the path you selected.

Step:4 Now type attrib -h -r -s /s /d z:/*.* and then hit enter.

Now the virus is removed then copy the files and save it in another path. Format the z drive and again move those files into z drive (that depends on your wish). I hope you like this info. Love you 🙂


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