2-Step Verification of gmail

Hello friends, you might be knowing about 2-step verification process of gmail. It means when you enter correct password in the password field then instead of directly opening your gmail account, a verification code will be sent to your mobile and after entering this verification code, you will be logged in into your gmail.

To activate 2-step verification:

Step:1 Go to your gmail account.

Step:2 Then go to settings by click gear icon which is in your right side.

Step:3 Now click the accounts and import options, in that just click the other google account settings.

Step:4 On next page click on sign in & security tab. In that just scroll and see that your 2-step verification is turn off.

Step:5 Now click on that option and in next page just click get started.

Step:6 It will ask your password for security purpose, enter it and hit enter.

Step:7 Confirm your mobile number and choose the way you want to receive your code through text message or by a call and then click try it. I just go with text message.

Step:8 Now you have to enter the confirmation code which you get received to your number by call or a text message.

Step:9 Do it and click next. On the next page you just click turn on.

That’s it you have done it. I hope this post is really useful to everyone. Soon i catch you with some cool information. Love you 🙂


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