Installing OS in PC or Laptop

Everyone have a good knowledge in using computers, i’m so proud of that but you have to know some other skills in your computer like data recovery, os installing etc…because it may make you to earn some stuff. I’m not coming to say about earning, i just saying that learn everything behind technology. Let’s move to know about os installing in both pc and laptop.

Note :

  • Your pendrive should be empty while copying the os files.
  • In this post i just said you by keeping the windows 7 as examples, for other versions also there is a little bit of changes only. i know that everyone have that knowledge.

Installing OS :

Step:1 Copy the OS file (windows 7,8.1 etc…) into a empty pendrive.

Step:2 Now Shutdown your pc or a laptop.

Step:3 Now again turn on the system and press F12 to go to boot mode. In my laptop it is f12, it may vary that depends upon the device you are using. Boot mode means setup.

Step:4 The screen will display the local drive and removable drive, select your pendrive with the name you given to that. If you do everything right, it will show the loading screen of windows files.

Step:5 After loading, in the next window you just choose your language you want etc… then click next and then click on install now.

Step:6 Now the screen will show that setup is starting wait until the process gets over. Next window is about accepting the terms and conditions. You just do that by checking the small box at your left hand side then click next.

Step:7 Now you have to choose the type of installation, you just choose custom (advanced), now select and delete (we don’t need old files) the c drive because that’s the place where your os files are going to be to save.

Step:8 Now click next, it will start to install the os in to the system. It may take few minutes. After the process finishes it will take you to the main screen of windows.

I hope this post is really useful to everyone. Catch you soon with some cool information. Love you 🙂


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