Whatsapp Databases Modification in Android

I love whatsapp because the reason is their user interface, its so easy to access and also it always act in a fast way. Everyone just chat and share their photos through whatsapp and you can view the whatsapp photos in the whatsapp folder. I don’t know that anyone see the folder Databases within a whatsapp folder. Try to know the different information about your daily uses. Now i’m going to show you the best trick which you can try it on whatsapp.

You can easily modify your chat messages of your whatsapp, simple by just editing your whatsapp databases. Come let’s know that

Step:1 Download and install whatshack on your android device.

Step:2 Open that and it will start to check whether your phone is get rooted or not if the root access is available it will show you the message like “Access Granted”. I have already said you about How to Root the Android Phone. on my previous post.

Step:3 Next you just choose the conversation which you want to modify and then click on message, there is a two options delete & modify the choice is yours. Even you can modify your time etc…. After modification you just open whatsapp and view the result 🙂 Now you are ready to prank your friends.

This one is little bit advanced when compared to my previous post which is Fake Social Medias Conversations.Remember all my posts are only for educational purpose if anything happens i’m not responsible. Love you 🙂


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