Power of Command Prompt

Personal computers are playing their important role in our modern life. People are using their computer for their business, to play some games, to listen musics etc…. At the same there only few people using the cool features of pc. Particularly command prompt (cmd) is one of the powerful feature, only few of the people know about this.

Powerful Feature of Command Prompt:

  • Know advanced system information.
  • Easy Networking.
  • Manage active tasks.
  • Advanced disk managements.
  • Repair missing or corrupt files.
  • Remote access
  • Get victim’s IP address etc….

To open command prompt go to start then type cmd and click enter. Command prompt will open. Cmd is the shortform of command prompt. There are plenty of features are available in command prompt, you can perform the above features by using commands in the command prompt. Yes, you have to give some commands to the command prompt to perform the action. Example:- cd desktop is the command which helps you to change your path to desktop, cd means change directory.

I will explain you about the Nook and corner of the command prompt in my coming posts. Spend your time with tech which makes your life even better. Love you 🙂


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