Behind Whatshack Tool

I have already said you about Whatshack tool for android device in my previous post Whatsapp Databases Modification. This post is about the back end of whashack tool which means what are the process going on while modifying your whatsapp messages.

All your messages are encrypted and saved as a database file in your whatsapp folder. When you see the Database file, the file appear with an extension “db.crypt12”, db is an extension for database file, crypt12 means that all your messages are encrypted by crypt level 12.

Whatshack tool helps you to decrypt your database file. I have tried many tools to perform this act, but whatshack is one of the best one.

Hope this post is really useful to know about the back end process of whatshack tool. My coming posts will show you some of the best information about technology. Love you 🙂


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