Top 10 Mobile Operating Systems

Now a days there are plenty of smartphone users, everyone bought their mobiles by knowing what is the RAM  & ROM, Camera’s mega pixels of the phone. But there is also the other side of mobile phones which you have to know. I’m talking about Operating Systems. Operating system is a system software that manages system hardware and software resources, this is also suitable for mobile operating systems. We know only the few operating systems like Android, IOS, Windows but there is also plenty of operating systems are playing their role in modern field. From that i have selected the Top 10.

  1. Symbian created by Psion in 1980s.
  2. Android created by in October 2003.
  3. Blackberry created by Blackberry in 1999.
  4. Windows created by Microsoft.
  5. Apple IOS created by Apple in June 29, 2007.
  6. Bada created by Samsung.
  7. Palm OS(Garnet OS) created by Palm in 1996.
  8. Open Web created by Palm.
  9. MeeGo created by Nokia.
  10. Maemo created by Nokia.

Now i just said you about the Top 10 Operating Systems Names and their developers. On my coming post i just give you the brief explanations of them. Love you 🙂


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